Legal services that come to you: revolutionary mobile law firm MOBILAW™ is redefining the way personal legal services are provided to Ontarians with contactless counsel


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Toronto, March 22, 2021 — Gone are the days of taking precious time off work or paying a babysitter so you can rush to your lawyer’s office for a signature. Putting an end to this archaic and tedious process, MOBILAW™ is stirring things up by bringing their lawyers (not paralegals) directly to you. Exclusive to residents of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), the award-winning firm offers legal services for those looking to buy, sell, or refinance residential properties as well as to people in need of wills and powers of attorney, from right outside their own home (or workplace, coffee shop, or gym – your call!).

In true trailblazer fashion, the team at MOBILAW™ recognizes that some aspects of the legal practice are irreplaceable yet difficult to access with many Ontarians unable to make the trek to their lawyer’s office. This is why MOBILAW™ created a simple and streamlined process that starts online or over the phone and concludes with a face-to-face contactless signing on board their custom-designed Mercedes Benz van that comes to you. This elegantly equipped vehicle provides clients with the opportunity to get all of their questions answered in a safe and comfortable environment thanks to a seated area split by a top-to-bottom wall with a plexiglass screen. The avant-garde concept illustrates the fundamental yet underrepresented compatibility between tradition and innovation.

“MOBILAW™ isn’t changing law,” explains Arturo Pugliese, President at MOBILAW™. “It’s simplifying, modernizing, and adapting the process to our present reality. Like with other types of industries that now offer on-the-go services, our firm offers clients the option to enjoy the convenience that comes with a mobile law firm. This, without sacrificing the valuable in-person counsel, offers a peace of mind that a virtual meeting simply cannot replace.”


The need for legal services often arises alongside some of life’s biggest milestones, be it buying a home or ensuring your loved ones’ future. That’s why these services often involve a slew of questions and require more counsel than a simple ‘sign on the dotted line.’ These moments already come with enough stress without the necessary legal processes adding to it. With MOBILAW™, clients can now buy, sell or refinance a home stress-free and focus on turning their dream house into their dream home instead of planning the commute to their lawyer’s office.

MOBILAW™ also brings wills and powers of attorney to your doorstep by providing a simple way to ensure that your affairs will be managed and executed in accordance with your wishes, now and in the future. As important legal documents that can have long-term effects on yourself and your loved ones, wills and powers of attorney include sensitive information about your care, belongings, property and most importantly your children. In order to avoid potential legal issues in the future, it is important that these documents are prepared in accordance with your wishes and are fully understood when signed. Pugliese explains that “in this profession, face-to-face interactions are very important.  As a lawyer, I want people to understand exactly what’s going on. I want to be accessible to my clients and want them to feel free to ask as many questions as they like. There is no substitute for the assuredness that in-person meetings give. In that respect, I guess you could call me traditional!”

Thanks to their many years of experience, Ontarians can find comfort in knowing that the lawyers at MOBILAW™ are able to guide them through these processes and support them in making those big life decisions without missing details that may easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye.


The mobile office idea was ultimately born out of the newfound need to socially distance. The firm that originally brought lawyers into your home has now created a system that is even safer and more convenient. In order to adhere to government recommendations and to ensure the health and safety of their clients and staff, MOBILAW™ has created a comfortable, clean and safe environment in which to serve Ontarians. The vehicle was designed with this need in mind, fashioning two seating areas separated by a plexiglass barrier and with different entry points. This creates an environment that allows for truly contactless signing. Before and after each meeting, a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle is conducted. Personal protective equipment in the form of disposable masks and gloves is available to those who don’t have their own.

Don’t let the fancy office and view fool you: top notch legal services don’t just happen in board rooms. There are no hidden fees or charges with MOBILAW™, so clients aren’t paying for a spiffy espresso machine or a meeting room with a skyline. Instead, MOBILAW™ provides clients with unprecedented convenience and the ability to enjoy trusted and reliable legal services that come to them, wherever and whenever they need them, at no extra cost.

Life moves fast and doesn’t just happen within the traditional working hours. MOBILAW™ offers its services on evenings and weekends, so they’re in your corner whenever and wherever you need them.

For more information, high-res images or to set up an interview with a representative from MOBILAW™, please contact The PR Department at [email protected] or at 416.535.3939.