In memory of Nathalie Moreau and to honour all women: PEARLS OF LIFE embrace hope

Anne-Marie Chagnon presents three remarkable jewellery creations on the theme of transmission and heritage


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Montreal, December 5, 2017 – For her 4th edition of the Jewellery of Hope Collection, Anne-Marie Chagnon let herself be carried by the memory of Nathalie: she has been and will continue to be a pearl of a girl, a fearless fighter. Supported by Sylvie who chose to act again this year as ambassador of the Montreal Cancer Institute, Anne-Marie Chagnon carries the torch and presents three remarkable jewellery creations of pewter and pearls on the theme of transmission and heritage: PEARLS OF LIFE. Indeed, after battling ovarian cancer for several years, Nathalie Moreau has passed away. Her bravery, courage, and kindness live on through her twin sister, beloved Quebec actress Sylvie Moreau and Montreal Cancer Institute ambassador, and those who remember her. Together, they choose hope and continue the fight through scientific research funding.

“The PEARLS OF LIFE are not only for Nathalie. They honour all the women who have fought cancer, with strength for those who are fighting it now, in preparation for those who will, and in memory of those we’ve lost. They are for our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our cousins. For our friends and colleagues. For ourselves and for all the women whose lives have touched us”, explains Anne-Marie Chagnon.

Sylvie Moreau shares: “After the death of my twin sister, continuing to embrace hope by supporting scientific research and being an ambassador for the Montreal Cancer Institute was natural. Collaborating with Anne-Marie too! With this fundraising collection, she introduces pearls and this source of light expresses remarkable sensitivity. Embracing and bearing hope is a huge driver for me and I am animated by the flame that shines in each and every one of us”.

This fourth edition of the Jewellery of hope takes on a particular meaning. It is the first edition where Sylvie Moreau is the only ambassador, without her twin sister Nathalie: “Nathalie said it every day: if I don’t make it to recovery, I will have left my mark along the road of hope”.

For women with ovarian cancer and their families, research is our first priority and constitutes the greatest hope. Veritable “silent killer” around which we must break the silence, it is the second deadliest female cancer, after breast cancer and the deadliest gynaecological cancer. No screening test exists to detect ovarian cancer; when women are diagnosed, the cancer normally is quite advanced and therefore difficult to treat. Worse, symptoms are unrecognized or overlooked and difficult to identify, often disregarded for menopause. Only 15% to 20% of women survive after 5 years of diagnosis.

“For things to change and to inspire people around us, we must dare to talk about ovarian cancer, explain the work of the Montreal Cancer Institute and introduce the people that bring hope. To do this, Sylvie Moreau wanted to make a series of short interviews sharing the story of her twin sister Nathalie, and we had a lot of fun collaborating on this project! Although there are as many stories as there are women, through Nathalie and Sylvie all these stories that can be told, listened to and felt, to bring hope. Choosing to bring hope is within everyone’s reach. With the Jewellery of Hope, I offer a way to do that, and the testimonials collected are all incarnations of recognition relying on the transmission to mobilize”, says Anne-Marie Chagnon.

In videos, images and words, discover the jewellery that brings hope and that feel good – in memory of Nathalie Moreau and in honour of all women:

Like all Anne-Marie Chagnon jewellery, the Jewellery of Hope are crafted and assembled at the Montreal workshop. When PEARLS OF LIFE are sold, Anne-Marie Chagnon makes a dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research conducted at the CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM). Every penny goes to research: no administrative fees are deducted from the donations dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research. Ovarian cancer is an orphan cancer whose research is cruelly underfunded.

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Pictures’ credits:
Campaign and jewellery pictures 2017 = Alex Paillon (2017 edition of the Jewellery of Hope / PEARLS OF LIFE)
Picture mise en abyme = Julie Artacho (for the 2014 edition of the Jewellery of Hope)



Like all Anne-Marie Chagnon jewellery, the Jewellery of Hope is created, crafted and assembled at the Montreal workshop.

A new component: freshwater baroque pearls
Freshwater baroque pearls are pearls cultured in freshwater mussels. Their size is irregular due to their natural growth. Made from something as simple as a grain of sand lodged in a mussel, each oblong pearl surprises us with an unexpected softness rendered by its creation.

Carefully chosen by Anne-Marie Chagnon for this collection, each pearl exhibits natural singularity and symbolizes life. Along with all of Anne-Marie’s materials, the pearl reflects the transformative experience that occurs when a woman embrace her true essence. Assembled with pewter, they form unique jewellery that embodies and expresses the inner strength of women.

DUO necklace: $75 at retail price, including a $10 donation Duo derives its name from its focal point, a harmonic pendant made from two hand-shaped pewter gestures unveiling a freshwater baroque pearl. A grouping of contrasting elements that coalesce naturally, this necklace proves as a reminder that we are stronger together.

  • Made of handmade pewter and pearls, with a lobster crimp clasp, the length of the necklace is adjustable
    from 7” to 7.75”.
  • SKU : 506133

IN UNISON bracelet: $86 at retail price, including a $10 donation

Anne-Marie links hand-shaped pewter gestures, a trail of unique freshwater baroque pearls, and a shining signature accent charm. Together, these elements create a bracelet that vibrates In Unison with the wearer’s essence.

  • Made of handmade pewter and pearls, with a tag bar clasp, the lenght of this bracelet is adjustable from
  • Fait main d’étain et de perles, ce bracelet avec fermoir à barre a une longueur ajustable de 18 à 19,5 cm.
  • SKU : 506333

TOGETHER earrings: $39.50 at retail price, including a $5 donation

An elegant ensemble, Together introduces stunning hand-shaped pewter gestures dancing with round, luscious freshwater baroque pearls. These delicate dangle earrings confirm that all that gentleness and femininity do lead to strength.

  • Made of handmade pewter and pearls, these delicate earrings weight 0.14oz and measure 1.6”.
  • SKU : 506533

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