Grab Life by the Horns with Portuguese Wines


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Cabeça de Toiro


The pandemic has taught us that life is short and that we should not wait until tomorrow to enjoy what counts: family, friends, good food and good wines. Spring means new beginnings and we think it’s about time to grab life by the horns and make the most of the warmer weather (while staying safe, of course).

Portugal is emerging as THE hot wine country of 2021 with delicious, food-friendly, inexpensive options that are worth more than their cost. With sale surges of 35.1% in September in the U.S., we expect the demand for these fresh, aromatic, and savory whites as well as these juicy, plush, smoky reds to increase in La Belle Province over the summer months.

With summer naturally comes barbeque season and we’re challenging foodies from across the province to head outdoors and give each meal a little attitude with Cabeça de Toiro (meaning head of the bull in Portuguese) stellar wines from Portugal’s Tejo region, and home of some of the country’s rock-star winemakers. This year, Cabeça de Toiro is looking to inspire Quebeckers to inject some much-needed attitude to the basic menus and overall patio fare. Daring you to go big and bold and to put your hutzpah where your mouth is, the internationally acclaimed, unapologetically unforgettable wines are inspiring pairings that will upscale your grilling game. Upgrade the beloved burger to an elevated bison burger; try new cuts of meats like wagyu beef instead of steak; experiment with new and exciting grilling options such as halloumi, watermelon, clams or harissa marinated tofu cubes for an awesomely adventurous summer. Whether the menu offers rich red meats or refreshingly light fare, these hidden gems are sure to add a flare to any meal and remind everyone at your table to live passionately and savour the flavours of each moment.

Cabeça de Toiro Reserva 2016

This intense red features notes of deep red fruits, hints of floral with a kiss of dark chocolate that will lure wine enthusiasts and casual wine drinkers in like a red flag to a bull. The structured and harmonious flavours pair beautifully with rich foods such as strong Italian or Spanish cheeses like Pecorino or Manchego, ribs, lamb chops or dry-rubbed porterhouse steak, making it the perfect accompaniment.

A blend of 30% Syrah, 30% Castelão and 40% Touriga Nacional grapes, the elegant and silky finishes reveal themselves after having aged in French oak barrels for nine months. While not as well-known as certain wine regions, Tejo’s bountiful land influenced by the river of the same name produces high quality and complex wines using traditional and international grape varieties.

Cabeça de Toiro Reserva 2019

Cabeça de Toiro 2019 Reserva DOC Tejo is the latest southern Portuguese disruptor on the white wine scene. A 50% Fernão-Pires, 25% Chardonnay, 25% Sauvignon-Blanc blend with a lemony, crisp texture, the grapes are cold soaked for a smooth finish balanced by herbal fruitiness with notes of mangos, melon, pineapples and apricots, tempting enjoyers to dive right in and soak up the sunshine this summer. The wine has structure and fullness and lingers on the palate.

With most of our entertaining likely to be held outdoors for the foreseeable future, chilled Cabeça de Toiro 2019 Reserva DOC Tejo is the perfect match for sunsets with wine and mellow cheeses such as Brie or Morbier, an impromptu do-it-yourself oyster bar or fresh seafood tower. It even pairs well with vegan dishes such as roasted brussels sprouts, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed squash and spinach empanadas.


Whether red or white, Cabeca de Toiro wines give residents of La Belle Province the chance to seize the day and lose themselves in Portugal’s gorgeous Tejo region through their unabashedly bold flavours.

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