Think beyond yellow mustard with Maille

Posted on May 1st, 2015

We are thrilled to present our new client, Maille! A French institution since 1747, Maille has set the global standard of mustard. With over 268 years of culinary traditions, La Maison Maille inspires every discerning food lover with delicious flavours and gourmet recipes. With unique ingredients such as white wine, horseradish, tarragon and Provence-style red peppers, Maille’s unique ingredients can elevate the taste of even the simplest meals.
Our mustard sommelier will be tuning into Maille Canada’s Facebook and Twitter to suggest recipes, products and food pairings to followers. Using the hashtag #AskMaille, foodies can have their own questions answered by our in-house mustard sommelier, allowing them to enhance their culinary senses and think beyond yellow mustard.
We have included two of our favourite snack recipes below. We hope that you will enjoy the unique flavour and simple ingredients that offer the perfect amount of crunch.    
For more information, high-res images, product samples and exclusive recipes, please email or phone 416.535.3939.





From top: Maille Au Raifort (Horseradish Mustard), Maille Dijon Originale (Dijon Mustard), Maille à l’Ancienne (Old Style Mustard), Maille Provençale (Provence Style Mustard), Maille Au Miel (Honey Mustard), Maille Extra Forte (Extra Hot Mustard), Maille Dijon Crémeuse (Creamy Dijon Mustard), Maille Au Vin Blanc (White Wine Mustard).


From left: Maille Vinaigre de Cidre (Apple Cider Vinegar), Maille Vinaigre de Vin Rouge (Red Wine Vinegar), Maille Vinaigre Balsamique de Modene (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena), Maille Vinaigre de Vin Blanc (White Wine Vinegar), Maille Vinaigre de Xérès (Sherry Vinegar), Maille Vinaigre de Vin au Jus de Framboise (Wine Vinegar with Raspberry Juice), Maille Vinaigre de Vin Saveur à L’Estragon (Wine Vinegar with Tarragon flavour). 


From left: Maille Cornichons Croquants (Crunchy Gherkins), Maille Cornichons Croquants Doux (Mild Crunchy Gherkins).

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