Le Bocuse d’Or announces new Canadian team

Posted on November 22nd, 2017



A new team, a fresh vision and noteworthy mentors: a recipe for Canada’s success on the international culinary scene


Toronto, November 20, 2017 — In Canada, we believe that competing at the famous Bocuse d’Or is a team effort. As the World Cup of cookery talents, the biennial event is the most prestigious culinary competition in the world. Only the most exquisite chefs get a coveted “golden ticket” to represent their countries in a battle against 23 other contenders. It is not only a unique chance to showcase techniques and food mastery but an opportunity to also shine the spotlight on local flavours by incorporating them into the competition’s dishes that will be seen and tasted by the cream-of-the-crop on the world stage.


The Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) is thrilled to present this year’s team, the fresh vision of Bocuse d’Or Canada and boast about a new commitment from the country’s most renowned chefs to ensure a place for Canada on the podium long term. Under the trained eye of coach Jean-Pierre Challet who’s led many of the best restaurants in The 6ix, Trevor Ritchie was selected as this year’s front-runner. Assisted by his commis, Jenna Reich, Ritchie, who’s worked in some of the country’s best kitchens including Langdon Hall, Queen’s Landing and La Société, will be headed to Lyon in January 2019 pending the team makes the classifiers in Mexico-City this April.


The most exciting part of the news is without a doubt the overwhelming response from food industry leaders to partner with the team to build a legacy for up-and-coming chefs with the hope to give our restaurant industry the bragging rights it deserves abroad.  Equipped with a long-term vision, the new management team recently enlisted a slew of mentors and advisors to prepare, train and ensure the sharing of the knowledge required to bring Canada on the podium very soon. The team is comprised of past Bocuse d’Or participants like James Olberg (2017) and John Placko (1989), and noteworthy chefs of the likes Mark McEwan (Groupe McEwan), Jason Bangerter (Langdon Hall), John Higgins (George Brown College) and Marc Lépine (L’Atelier). (Consult the entire list of advisors and team member here).


“Le Bocuse d’Or is the most prestigious and the most difficult global cooking competition,” explains Jean-Pierre Challet, team coach. “No Canadian chef has ever brought home the gold and we only made the top five twice since 1987, not because of a lack of talent in the mastery of French cuisine but because of a lack of continuity.  We feel strongly that we will make the top three in Mexico and that the team will get a chance to demonstrate the best Canada has to offer, not only in talent but with a myriad of Canadian flavours and products.”


United by one desire

Though Canada has always been represented in Lyon, there’s never been a focused strategy and solid plan to draw the support team Canada needs to win the sought-after honour. At least, not until today.


Under the management, leadership and vision of Simon Smotkowicz, Thomas Delannoy, the advisory committee and some high-profile brand sponsors, the Canadian team is working to establish a solid foundation to help bring together all the necessary components to ensure success.


“It will take more than a gifted chef to get that gold statuette,” explains Thomas Delannoy, Team Canada manager. “Technical knowledge and creativity is important, but we also need the financial contribution of sponsors, suppliers and a system to learn from past experiences.  We’re excited to now have a team composed of some of the top experts in the country in place and a vision to change, grow and ultimately win.”


About Le Bocuse d’Or Canada

The Bocuse d’Or was founded in 1987 by legendary French chefs, Paul Bocuse and Albert Romain. Their mission was to create a competition that would bring the greatest chefs out from behind closed doors and onto the world stage.


Assisted by his commis and supervised by his coach, Trevor will have 5.5 hours to prepare one meat platter and one fish plate of 14 portions.  Each competitor will be judged on taste, presentation, creativity, innovation, composition and service practicality. The kitchen jury awards points for non-wasting and sustainability as well as points for hygiene, methodology, preparation, technique and organization. Our goal is to be on the podium.


About Trevor Ritchie

Originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Chef Trevor is a graduate from George Brown College. No stranger to fierce competition, he was the 2017 Bocuse d’Or Canada coach, was Chopped Canada champion, won gold at the international Hans Bueschkens Culinary Challenge in Santiago, Chile. Trevor also represented Canada and placed world second at Angliss Culinary Cup in Singapore. He is known for his work at some of the country’s best kitchens including Langdon Hall, Queen’s landing, La Société and Campagnolo.


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