GEOX SS15 collection

Posted on January 5th, 2015







To find more styles and also see the men’s and kid’s collection,  check our SS15 gallery HERE.


You can also download the GEOX SS15 Women’s Lookbook HERE


About the GEOX technology

GEOX is the premier Italian footwear brand known for the “shoes that breathe”. GEOX boasts an exclusive technology that is used in the manufacturing and design of all the footwear and clothing that bares its name.  At the heart of this invention is a microporous membrane that acts like a second skin.  When placed inside the GEOX perforated rubber sole, the membrane manages sweat and heat, allowing humidity to be evaporated and keeping water out so that feet remain dry.  Each pore of this revolutionary membrane is smaller than a water droplet so that water can’t penetrate the membrane but is big enough to let sweat vapour, a molecule 700 times smaller than a drop of water, easily pass through the membrane and right out through the holes of the sole.  Both waterproof and breathable, GEOX’s revolutionary technology provides comfort and wellbeing by constantly eliminating moisture and preventing odours that typically develop when shoes don’t ventilate. The technology recreates an ideal microclimate inside the shoe to keep feet cool and dry in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. 
GEOX has hundreds of styles available for men, women and children as well as outerwear and accessories. Take a peak at the lookbook for more inspiration – but if you are working on a particular story please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you’re looking for (we have many other styles not featured here). We’ll be happy to send you  samples or high-res photography!  


The PR department: 416.535.3939

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