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The PR Department has been AOR for Maille – a Unilever brand – since 2015. In addition to being responsible for the brand’s experiential marketing, media relations campaigns and web presence, the team has been managing all of La Maison Maille’s Canadian social media channels. In addition to increasing and engaging the fan base on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the mandate includes the creation of original content, development and coordination of creative contests and promotions with strategic partners as well as the analyzing and monitoring the brand’s online reputation. During our Bastille Day event in July 2015, our hashtag #MailleMoment trended in Toronto and Canada for 6 hours over Wimbledon and PanAm Games’s opening day activities. Maille’s social media impressions, web traffic and new followers grew exponentially from then on, reaching a 25% increase in Facebook post likes and 70.5% follower increase on Instagram with little to no investment. Additionally, our 2016 #MailleChef contest generated 15,000 organic entries on Maille’s website attesting that The PR Department knows social.


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T-fal & T-fal Baby Home

The PR Department was AOR for T-fal for three years and worked alongside other agencies for some of the company’s brands for an additional 5 years. Before taking it in house, The PR Department was responsible to manage the brand’s social media activities. In addition to supporting marketing initiatives, The PR Department created original content and developed creative promotions such as the “Mother Knows Best” contest. The Facebook promo asked Canadians to post the most memorable advice their mother passed down. Within hours, hundreds of sentimental, humorous and witty comments were submitted with fans inviting friends to participate and join the discussion. Relying entirely on social media channels and with no advertising budget, T-fal Canada’s Facebook page gained thousands of new fans and achieved 400,000 unique page views in less than one week.

Social media was also an important component of our strategy when launching new product lines for the brand. Within hours of the announcement of the launch of the T-fal Baby Home line, there was such a high volume of click-throughs to the URL that traffic overwhelmed the system and crashed the site.