Québec Market

Zonin Prosecco MR + TV TOUR

The PR department team has been working with Zonin, Italy’s largest prosecco producer, since 2010. In addition to their biannual ad buy, the team goes beyond traditional trade publications and wine writers to develop consumer lifestyle campaigns that appeal to the end consumer. Targeting holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the team promoted classic prosecco cocktails that generated coverage in the largest lifestyle magazines in Quebec including Coup de pouce, Chatelaine, Elle Quebec, Decormag and Vita. In addition to the successful print campaigns, the team sourced and trained a spokesperson to do a “cooking with bubbly” television tour. The Valentine’s Day campaign was able to break through the competitive television landscape with the chef appearing in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. The short lead newspaper/web portion of the campaign resulted in over three million impressions and visibility in 24 heures, le journal de Québec, le Quotidien, TV Hebdo, Sympatico.ca, recettes.qc.ca and chatelaine.com.






Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

In July The PR Department was approached to establish Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, France’s #1 champagne, in the mind of Quebec consumers by creating a program that would bring forth the brand’s fresh, modern and irreverent identity. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, the team was able to create a sponsorship with Quebec’s premier designer Denis Gagnon for the launch of his SS 2012 collection. The association provided Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte many opportunities to reach both fashionistas and socialites including signage and sampling during the fashion show at Montreal’s Birks jewelry store; brand and bottle inclusion within the designer’s short, artistic film presented before the show and at Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema; and extensive brand inclusion on all print materials including look books, invitation, press materials and on the website. To follow-up on this initiative, the brand recently launched Le Fond Mode Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, a program that will help one budding designer to launch his or her career at Montreal Fashion Week each year.