Media Relations


Since its launch into the Canadian market in 2004, The PR Department has been the agency of record for GEOX. Through ongoing media relations tactics, The PR Department helped to create brand awareness in a highly saturated market and increased demand in both French and English Canada while competing with established brands for visibility. The results of our campaigns continue to increase year over year and the team has been successful in positioning the brand as an added-value product for the Canadian fashionista. In 2011 our media relations efforts generated more than 2.2 million dollars in ad value; giving the brand 45 times return on investment. In 2012, our campaigns reached a total of 188,195,269 impressions.







As the AOR for T-fal Canada, The PR Department has been responsible for designing and implementing various campaigns to create brand awareness and increase media presence. After working with the PR Department for less than a year, T-fal moved from #2 to sharing the #1 spot as the top player in the total cookware market. In 2011 the PR Department generated a total of 62,022,547 impressions in magazine, newspaper, electronic and online media coverage. With successful and stellar campaigns, T-fal’s parent company Groupe SEB, now regards the Canadian market as best practice for marketing communications across the globe.