Farley Chatto Sylphide Winter 2017 Collection

Posted on March 18th, 2016

Farley Chatto brings a tale of love and justice to the runway interpreting La Sylphide with a new luxury fur collection

Toronto, March 17th, 2016 – Inspired by the work of the Danish ballet master August Bournonville, veteran Canadian designer Farley Chatto returns to the runway to present his rendition of the quintessential ballet La Sylphide at Toronto Fashion Week on Thursday, March 17th at 7 p.m. To open the show, guests will be treated to a performance by Oklahoma-born Calley Skalnik, a corps de ballet dancer of the National Ballet of Canada who was recently seen in La Sylphide and appears on stage in the current production of Romeo and Juliet. The new collection infuses modern shapes and sleek silhouettes to intricate, light-as-a-feather fur designs and mad-for-plaid creations using luxurious Origin Assured NAFA furs, fine cashmere, woolen plaids and French lace.  

Juxtaposing the verdant settings of the TV series Outlander to the tale of love and justice of the classical beauty of La Sylphide, Chatto delicately strikes a balance between light and dark, traditional and modern, the softness of fur and the crispness of the military uniform by incorporating colours and patterns, each piece embracing story-telling.

“Scotland has been a part of my DNA since I started designing,” explains Chatto. “The idea of plaids, kilts and the tailored precision of uniform have always been referenced in my work in some manner or another.  Mixed with my favourite ballet La Sylphide, it allowed me to interpret this rich heritage into wearable contemporary pieces.”
The OA NAFA furs used in the collection combine elements that are both luxurious (minks, silver foxes, sables), and wild (beavers, muskrat and coyotes).  With a colour palette pulled from classic Scottish tartans, Chatto brings a mix of McDonald Reds, Hunter Stewart Greens, and Cunningham Lavenders.

“I truly believe in honouring the tradition of the art of being a furrier, and have been able to marry contemporary design with the historical techniques I have learned through my relationships with master craftsmen in the industry,” says Chatto. “One of my favourite elements about fur is its timelessness that comes through investment dressing. It allows for the passing of a heritage from one generation to another.”


With lavish outerwear and accessories for men and women, Chatto’s designs are made exclusively with Origin Assured furs, which indicates that they are sustainably produced in countries where they are governing regulations surrounding the fur industry. The majority of the furs used by Chatto are from species native to Canada, where the Ministry of Natural Resources maintains the responsibility of the fur trade by establishing controlled seasons for hunting and trapping, as well as enforcing strict quotas to prevent over-harvesting. Owing to Canada’s progressive trapping standards, Canadian trappers have been instrumental in nurturing the desecrated habitats of various fur-bearing species. Interestingly, trappers occupy a unique position on the “front lines” of nature and are often the first to sound the alarm if the delicate environmental balance is upset. Their conversational rigor has succeeded in maintaining fur as a sustainable natural resource in Canada.


Farley Chatto is a Toronto-based designer with a global clientele who is renowned for his eponymous line of haute couture menswear launched in 1988. Over the course of more than 27 years in the fashion and design industry, he has dressed such notable celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Laurence Fishbourne, Drake, Elton John, and George Clooney. Chatto has also amassed an impressive list of corporate clients, including MAC Cosmetics, Virgin, Barbie, Veuve Clicquot, Louis Vuitton and Target Canada. In addition to his corporate work and his label, Chatto has provided costumes for the Toronto cast of the hit Broadway musical The Producers and for Canadian Idol, as well as for the cast of the television series, Hannibal & Strain. Chatto teaches at Ryerson University and the Toronto Film School (nee The Academy) in Toronto and he is also the in-house designer at Four Seasons Fur Co. where he works with customers to design and develop their furs.
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For more information on the collection or NAFA Origin Assured Furs, high-res images, samples, or to schedule an interview with Farley Chatto, please contact The PR Department 416 535-3939; medias@prdepartment.ca.
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