Clearly Canadian is back!

Posted on May 27th, 2015



Clearly Canadian is back!


A successful fundraising campaign has jumpstarted the iconic drink’s production.

Toronto, May 27, 2015 — Often considered to be the “taste of the 90s”, Clearly Canadian is officially making its return this summer, thanks to the resounding support of consumers.

With over 30,000 cases ordered by nearly 12,000 nostalgic backers, Clearly Canadian has met its goal and production of the iconic drink has begun. The campaign originally sought 25,000 orders in order to revive the iconic drink. 

“We owe the entire comeback to the fans,” explains CEO Robert Khan. “Without their support and their pre-orders, Clearly Canadian would not be back. Now that we’ve successfully finished our pre-order campaign, we’re looking for more ways to restore Clearly Canadian to its original glory.”


 To fans’ delight, commercial production is on its way. Glass bottle production began at the end of April, and Clearly Canadian’s signature blue teardrop bottles will be filled in July before they’re shipped to thirsty fans in August.  

Now that Clearly Canadian is making its way back into the fridges of fans, the team behind Clearly Canadian is working to help the drink make an even bigger splash.

“Our goal is to scale into 13,000 grocery stores in Canada and the United States in 2016,” says Khan. “We’re encouraging fans to make their voices known and reach out to their local retailers to request that they begin carrying Clearly Canadian.”


 Clearly Canadian, which was established in 1988 in British Columbia, is one of North America’s most recognizable premium beverage brands, with over $150 million in sales in 1992. The iconic blue bottles made an appearance on leading television shows including Seinfeld, Friends, Beverly Hills 90210 and more.

When news of Clearly Canadian’s revival spread, even more fans were eager to pre-order a case. To meet the fans’ demands, Clearly Canadian is opening up a 2 week only pre-order campaign with the help of Indiegogo. This will be the last opportunities to pre-order a case of Clearly Canadian before 2016. If Clearly Canadian reaches its stretch goal of $250,000 in sales, backers will get to choose an additional fifth flavour from the original Clearly Canadian line-up that will be brought to market when retail distribution begins.  

“Clearly Canadian was one of the first unabashedly Canadian brands,” explains Khan. “It represents an entire era that fans are so nostalgic for, which is why we’re working so hard to put Clearly Canadian back in their hands.”


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